Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Greatest Golfer I have ever seen!

many know that i love to play golf. i grew up playing with my brother, dad and grandfather and it is a game that i am passionate about. in terms of my ability - i am decent. 3 years ago highrock had a summer golf day and i had the best score by 10 strokes. so you can imagine my surprise 2 years ago when i went golfing with a friend (rob go) and he was spectacularly better than me. i had always considered myself decent - but when i saw him play i was wonderfully humbled. in fact, until last summer when i actually went to a pga tour event and watched mickelson and woods play (head to head no less - and mickelson won!! :) rob was the greatest golfer i had ever seen with my own two eyes. i once told rob that if he wanted me to i would gladly caddie for him at anytime just b/c i enjoy watching him so much.

it is for this reason that i had full confidence in what you see in this video. while my wife and others yelled from the side worried that my antics might bring about injury...i knew better. i knew that the only thing that could possibly happen with rob trying to lob a ball right over my head - was rob lobbing a ball right over my head. he's that good - and it was a fun moment! enjoy :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

big smile and big day

today is roger myung's birthday. roger is a great friend, a fantastic help on my sermons and an overseer of our church. we elected him overseer because of his spiritual disposition and aversion to silly antics as expressed in this picture. gotta love the fun of mac's.