Friday, February 27, 2009


First, I made a discovery today while sitting out in front of Planned Parenthood - Windy days don't work!! I was sitting there on the street (on a very windy Boston day), trying to hold my sign and work on my Mac at the same time, when all of a sudden a huge gust of wind came and tore my sign from me. I almost lost it completely but recovered it. However, I think I will avoid windy days from now on.

On a more pressing note, we have our first bit of potential. A friend of ours has a co-worker that just found out she is pregnant. She is 21 years old, is just 5-6 weeks along, and is in the process right now of deciding what to do. She knows about me and Minhee and that we would love to adopt this child. If you have a minute, please take a moment to pray right now. Right now our prayer is not that she would give us the child to adopt but simply that she would choose to carry the baby to term. Please pray for heroic courage and a divine discernment for her.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Over the course of the last few months Minhee and I have realized our need for a budget. We tend to spend without paying much attention and it leads to a certain amount of fiscal irresponsibility. So for awhile we tried to go by a weekly budget but didn't do a great job of abiding by the boundaries.

So last weekend we did a detailed breakdown of our spending and realized that after all monthly costs (rent, car loan, utilities, internet, school loans, phone, etc.) that what we had left was an average of $51/day for spending on all the rest (food, gas, shampoo, oil changes, gifts, movies, etc.). And so this week we have embarked on a new budgeting journey as we keep a daily tab of spending.

For some reason this is much more fun to me. For those who have played the board game Risk, it kind of feels like the regular deployment of resources that you get on each turn. Each morning I wake up and I have a new $51 to spend for that day. And, if I didn't spend all my money yesterday, that means I have even more today as the dollars are all "rollover dollars".

So last night I went to bed with $32 and this morning, after a fresh deployment, I walked out the door with $83 for the day. This is also very appealing b/c it forces us to pay attention to each dollar which we didn't do before. And my hope is that this will not only make us more fiscally responsible but will also help us learn to live more intentionally and allow us to become more generous with our finances.

Monday, February 23, 2009

"Bombarded By Love"

I am very happy today because my wife is very happy today. Yesterday morning she woke up sick and so stayed home from church and rested. And my sermon yesterday was on the church as community and as a family and somewhere in the sermon I mentioned that Minhee was sick.

Then, last night, our doorbell started ringing. First with the Kahn's dropping off some delicious pastries and desserts. Then with the Hur's who brought over Chinese food and a wonderful "study package" for Minhee as she prepares for her boards (this was offered by Ina, Chin & Hye-Chun's 4 year old daughter :). And finally the Go's arrived with a giant bowl of soup. All of this arrived in the same hour and Minhee called me and said "I feel bombarded by love!"

If you know Minhee, she doesn't say stuff like that too often so I knew she was stunned by these simple actions of our community. And this makes me very happy today. Thanks all!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


For those who have been checking my blog for updates on sitting out at Planned Parenthood I apologize for not updating more regularly as of late. I will do better. But for today I am going to go a little more light-hearted. I often have ideas for inventions or innovations that cross my mind so I am going to write down a few of my favorites in no particular order. And if you have some good ideas I'd love to hear about them.

#1. Night Reading Glasses
I like to read in bed before I fall asleep but Minhee can't sleep with the light on. So I'd love to see a pair of glasses created that could read a certain kind of print or ink in the dark. This would require that the book either be printed on special paper or a special highlighter to apply the necessary chemical to the pages. But in the end what would be impossible to read in the dark becomes illuminated when you put the glasses on - similar to blacklight technology.

#2. The Detergent Lined Laundry Bag
This is a bag that you collect dirty clothes in, and then when full, is simply closed up and shoved into the washing machine. The bag is designed so that it disolves in water and has detergent built into the lining of the bag so when the water comes on the bag simply disolves and the detergent is released into the load of laundry.

#3. The Solid/See-Through Refrigerator Door
The air-conditioner is the only thing in the home that uses more electricity than the fridge. And one of the biggest portions of consumption for the fridge is the door opening and closing all the time. So I'd like to see a fridge door that is solid colored usually but can become translucent (they already have this w/ mirrors/windows in bathrooms). That way you can go to the fridge and instead of opening it to see what's inside you simply make the door translucent and keep from wasting energy. This is both fun to do and the green alternative for saving energy!

#4. New Ziploc Technology
Continuing on the fridge line, I'd also like to see Ziploc storage containers that had a built in pop-up timer. So you cook something and then put it away to store it and there is some mechanism that pops up after 5 days so you know it's old and to throw it out. Unfortunately, I am one of those guys who lets things sit in the fridge for weeks...months...even years!?!

#5. The Toilet Step
I am still amazed that we have trash cans w/ step lids but not toilets. I don't quite know how we can call ourselves civilized while still bending over to lay hands on the toilet seat to pull it up or down. This is especially true of public restrooms. A step to put the seat up or down must be coming soon. Alternatively, a programmable voice-activated lid would also be acceptable. I would name my lid "Lord Vader" and just sit in the bathroom all day saying in a deep voice "Lord Vader, Rise!" w/ Star Wars music playing in the background.