Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Crossing Guard

I often drop Minhee at work in the mornings and then drive over to Panera to work for awhile. And on my way there is a busy intersection (near a school) at the intersection of Clinton and Dean. The thing is, while it would usually be an annoying intersection with clogged traffic, it is actually one of the simple pleasures of my day.

Brookline has staffed the intersection with a female police officer during the morning commute and school drop-off time. Not only is this woman there every single day but she is the single greatest crossing guard I have ever seen. She is economic in motion and movement but still wonderfully clear in physical communication. She pays equal attention to all entering streets, pedestrians, bikers, etc. She is confident in her decisions, totally aware of the rhythm of the morning and yet pleasant and warm in the midst of it all.

I love going through this intersection every morning simply because of her good work. I am a huge fan of people who do simple and seemingly mundane jobs with excellence. I believe God has made this woman for this kind of work and she is doing it with timely precision and even grace. And for some reason this connects me to God personally just a little more each morning as I pass. I'm sure she's totally unaware that some weird guy who's driving by is feeling a little closer to his Lord every morning, but he is, and that is a testament to God's good gifts and her good use of those gifts.

I am debating whether I should write her a quick note of gratitude and encouragement and hand it out my window as I drive by tomorrow. I know she would hate the inefficiency but perhaps the gesture would make up for it. :)


  1. I vote YES! Each day we have the opportunity to bless others and you would TOTALLY make the crossing guards day if you passed her a note of encouragement.
    Carolyn Larson

  2. Better yet. Send a note to her superiors letting them know what an awesome job she does.

  3. A note is weird. Especially as you are driving by. Did you give her a note?

  4. i second the note/letter to her superior. i used to get a lot of verbal thanks yous at a previous job, and though it made me feel good to know the work i did mattered, when a letter came into my boss, my value as an employee seemed to increase.