Saturday, March 7, 2009

Is the Economic Crisis Hitting Boston?

After the dismal report on job losses this Friday it looks as if the American economic climate will continue to deteriorate in the months to come. And while the numbers are staggering and the reports of more and more people losing homes and moving into tent cities is disheartening, I can't help but notice that Boston seems less affected than many other places in the U.S.

And so two questions arise in my mind. First, will we be affected as severely as other areas of the country? If not, why not? Or am I just missing stuff that is happening right in my own backyard?

And two, if we aren't affected as as much then what is our role in all of this? I have been thinking about this question this week and don't have a final answer yet. But with so many in our country losing jobs and homes it seems appropriate that the church in Boston needs to find its place of service and ministry in all of this.

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  1. Here's the deal, the reports are exaggerated.