Friday, March 27, 2009

My Biggest Laugh So Far in 2009!

Yesterday morning I had my hardest laugh so far in 2009. I know it's a long story but I just had to write it. Here goes...

Every other Thursday we have a "Senior Staff" meeting with Dave & Eugene of Highrock Arlington, Josh & Dan of Highrock Brookline, and Kiho of Highrock's Korean speaking church plant "Worship Frontier". Unfortunately, Eugene was sick yesterday and couldn't join us. This was most unfortunate for Dan b/c typically Dave and I have wild and crazy ideas that Dan and Eugene have to temper. So Dan called me yesterday before the meeting wondering if we should cancel. His reason?...b/c without Eugene to help Dan he was afraid that Dave and my ideas might run amuck. I assured him it would be fine and he headed toward the meeting (at my apartment).

In the meantime, Dave showed up a bit early and I joked with him about Dan's concern. As I was telling him we realized that we should pull a fast one on Dan...that perhaps we should plant a "crazy idea" in the middle of the meeting where I would agree with Dave and begin to freak Dan out. But what could we do? Dave and I began to plot...

After a minute Dave's diabolical mind found our answer. About 20 minutes into the meeting Dave would begin telling Dan and me about a new movement at Highrock Arlington in which people receive healing by the laying on of hands and how this has been most effective in the area of sexual healing. But the effectiveness has been born primarily out of the fact that the laying on of hands is VERY literally...the laying on of hands. Dave would tell us about women's and men's prayer meetings where the recipient of prayer undresses and allows those praying to "lay on hands" and ask God for healing. (for those not familiar with Highrock church - this is NOT something we do!!)

Furthermore, Dave would suggest that we at Highrock Brookline should consider trying this...and I would heartily agree. This kind of nonsense would hopefully send Dan into a frenzy begging us to reconsider and lamenting Eugene's absence at the meeting.

Soon after our plan was fortified Dan arrived and the meeting began....

Sure enough, about 20 minutes in Dave began to tell us about a new ministry at Highrock Arlington. He relayed that it began at a women's prayer meeting with Maye Chan inviting one of the women to "expose" herself and receive prayer and the laying on of hands. He went on to say that it had been so successful among the women that it had spread to the men's group as well and that great things were beginning to happen.

Now, my strategy in all of this was to join Dan in his shock at the opening of Dave's story but then to begin to warm to the idea until eventually I was convinced of the ideas merit. I would then try and persuade Dan that we should try it at Highrock Brookline. But the plan soon had to change as things did NOT go as expected.

As Dave was explaining this new "movement" I began my act of shock and awe at this rediculous revelation. I, of course, assumed Dan would join me in my shock at the absurdity of what Dave was proposing. But surprisingly, Dan seemed relatively unphased. As Dave was talking Dan was nodding, it was almost as if he had heard this story before. As Dave's story continued, growing more and more rediculous along the way, Dan began nodding all the more and began responding with statements like "Yeah, I understand.", "Yeah, I've seen stuff like this before.", and "Yeah, I had some experiences with this stuff when I was younger."

With each passing comment and nod the laughter was building inside of me. I felt it first deep in my stomach but could feel it rising through my chest, my neck until finally it erupted from within me. How was this possible? How could we create such a ludicrous story and find that it not only did not shock Dan but seemed legitimate to him. How could something so rediculous now become rational. My laughter grew until I was eventually keeled over in my hallway crying and laughing with Dan still at the table nodding.

In Dan's defense, I don't think he actually has any real experiences like this in the past but he was trying to be sensitive and supportive to Dave's experience. But the sequence of events left me chuckling all day long. It was a great laugh. So thanks to Dave for his creative mind and to Dan for his tender heart - they both fed my soul yesterday!


  1. Haha, so funny. I think Maye would be the only person who could pull that off. :P

  2. ahahha oh my goodnesss. i can't believe anyone could even keep a straight face while presenting such a crazy idea.
    and dan..tsktsk, i'm afraid this will just add on to the ridicule he already receives from you guys.

    ahh, i'm happy where i'm serving. HAHA. =)

  3. poor thing. hahaha this is great story tho

  4. Serena offered an alternative explanation to Dan's reaction: Maybe Dan isn't a good listener... :-)

  5. Josh is a natural story-teller... but doesn't necessarily mean that he tells it accurately. As a story-teller, a lot of it gets exaggerated, and dramatized... But I do have to admit, they did pull a good one on me. But as Josh often does, he omits certain details to make his story more interesting. But because he was hysterically laughing in the corner, he didn't hear me say a lot of things like when Dave was suggesting that we try this at Brookline, I said, "Dave that's great and all, but I wouldn't go that far!" By now, Josh is in the bathroom hysterically laughing his butt off, so obviously he missed a lot of conversation that happened while he was in there. Ah~ but why ruin his laughs! I'll just let him have his since he doesn't win much in our meetings and discussions. ;p

  6. No one in my family has ever exaggerated.....ever....since the beginning of time.

    This post placed "Sexual Healing" in my head for the better part of the weekend. Turns out you shouldn't hum that song in most public places.