Friday, August 21, 2009

Our Goddaughters!!

Over the past few months God has blessed our church with lots of new babies. Five couples, all good friends of ours, have had healthy and happy babies. This has been a wonderful source of joy and celebration for us. When Minhee and I went to Norway in June for vacation the thing I missed most was the babies, I couldn't wait to see them again.

And even more, Minhee and I were given the specific privilege to serve as godparents to two of them. Josephine Tao Go is the daughter of Rob and Nancy and pictured on the right in the pic. Noa Hunter Myung is the daughter of Roger and Phyllis and pictured on the left.

Recently I saw this pic on Rob's blog and stole it from him. While the girls look so cute I can also see a very similar pic being taken in about 80 years and it not looking that different. I look at it a lot. :)

Minhee and I aren't parents yet, hopefully soon. But if the kind of love I feel for these two girls and the other babies that have arrived is a hint of what that love will be like, I'm not sure my heart has space for it all. I may need a bigger heart.


  1. The Grinch who stole Christmas might have some pointers on getting a bigger heart. Maybe singing some songs with the whos? :D

    I saw this picture from Phyllis on Twitter. It IS adorable, and I'm really happy for all of them. Thanks for posting Josh. Miss all of you guys up on Boston.

  2. The girls have been blessed with great parents, and their cup overflows with you and Minhee as godparents.